We talked and texted last night but today?

after I texted him, he asked "whose this? wtf? HELP!

sorry.. what could this mean?


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  • Hmmm...ive done that a lot and it only means this right here: He deleted your name out of his phone and never memorized it so when he got a call today, he didn't know the number because your name was all he saw when you would call or if he called. I've done that when I was no longer interested in a guy for whatever reason. think about it. yall just talked the other day and now today he don't recognize the number? he obviously had your name programmed under that number. As soon as I get a number, I put it under there name, not thinkin about memorizin it and if I delete them and they call the next day imma ask who is it too.


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  • Im sorry I can't help this is not really a question.. and I wouldn't talk to someone who can't bother remember my name