I don't think I like my crush anymore all because it was basically revealed? help? why?

I basically got to hang out with my crush for the first time ever, and to make a long story short, an employee at a store said something that basically made it be known that we like each other ("Maybe it's because you won't ask her out!") and when I saw him the next time at work, I didn't feel the usual 'spark' or butterflies or get sweaty/nervous or blush. Like, I didn't really feel anything, but I appreciated when he started being strangely more attentive that day (i. e. handing me my phone whenever I left it somewhere or put it on my desk, lingering, kinda following me around, really trying to keep my attention)

i don't know what to do, because i actually harbor anger towards him because I don't feel like he ever respected me; and I feel that way because he always just laughs at what i say and he's always teasing me and I feel like i can't get him to be serious for like five seconds. He seems to be loyal and respectful to everyone else at work except for me. I know respect can come in many forms, but i just feel disrespected and I don't know why i can't get any from him. everyone has said he's a good person, but i don't see it and i don't even know if i should give him a chance anymore. i was really trying to take this slow but the store employee basically ruined that for me, and I think he really ruined everything in general. i think i would be friends with him and would love to be comfortable around him to where we have that nice flow of "i'm comfortable and happy to be in your presence" and to get along with him.

And also he strangely told me he was a good liar, so i really don't have any trust in him and he's never really given me any reasons to. I've told him this and he just laughs. I feel like sometimes i do see that good person in glimpses, but other than that, he's just this jokester, and he's really only serious with me when we have to be professional.
I don't think I like my crush anymore all because it was basically revealed? help? why?
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