Can I send a text like this to my ex?

we broke up like 7 weeks ago, stopped talking like 5 weeks ago and I've talked to him casually this weekish. But I miss him like crazy, we had every intention of getting back together too, so I was wondering if sending this text is a good idea or not.

hey I just wanted to say that it was nice to talk to you again, I've missed it. I still don't know why we stopped talking to be honest. especially since I keep relating back to what you had said before. I don't know maybe I was just gullible or it was your way of keeping me content, I don't know. I hope that you are now happy with where you are and who your with. sorry for the essay lol but I had to, I know this probably helps nothing but its hard to keep everything inside. for what it is worth I am sorry for anything I was at fault for and again I just how your happy now.

what do you think? what should I add or take away?


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  • "I hope that you are now happy with who your with" - he has a new girlfriend?

    I think the thing is with our exes is that, in the early stages of the break-up, every emotion runs. And for the ones who still feel like they want to be attached, you find it hard to let go. If he is with someone knew, and he's happy- then send this message but make it as closure for you..if that is the only way you can get it. Because, honestly if I were his new girlfriend, and you were sending texts that could be seen as you trying to get him back, I would be pissed... I'd feel like you'd had your chance now leave him alone. BUT...I have had this situation, and I have been you in this situation, so I understand the many reasons for getting it all out.

    If you are looking to get back with him, ask yourself why? first, because it could be that the wounds are still sore anf living without him is tough at the moment. No one would expect you to move on straight he has..i think for men it is sometimes easier because they just switch off, but us girls are supposed to me a lot more emoitonally attached then that.

    Also remember that if you go making matters worse you could lose him altogether and not even have a friendship to hold. I'm not going to tell you what you should write, because its down to you and for whatever reason you have, good luck what ever you decide.


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  • Well, why'd you guys break up? Are you sure you want to get back together or be friends... or whatever it is you want?

    Also, I know people may disagree, but I feel like texting isn't the best way to go about talking about getting back together. Maybe a call, or arrange a time to meet up with him and talk in person? It'll make it more real, and, in my opinion, you can get a better sense of whether it's really the right thing to do.

    • we were on a break just because it was winter and we had nothing to do, we just got bored but we had every intention on getting back together. like I know he meant it since he sat there and cried as he told me and as we talked about it all that night.

      but yeah I do want him back, I don't want the feeling of someone there I tried that I just want him.

      i know its not but its what I feel the most comfortable with right now just to start the convo nd see where it goes and if well id want to call or meet

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    • nah, it sounds fine to me

    • okay thank you :)

  • I think it's perfect it tells what you think and what you feel, it's fine just the way it is, I say send it! and god luck! he'd betta come back to you, I'm sure you love each other!

    • thanks :) I did ask, and pretty much sent that. but I eased into it a bit like the guy above suggested and we talked it out. it was a whole miscommunication. but now I don't knw where we stand at all like we are talking a bit but who knows if he wants me

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    • i don't want to give up but I just don't know how to get him back

    • hmmm I guess again, that you could just try and talk about it... :P good luck! I really hope it all works out!