I don't know I'm just unsure about if I should start dating her right now?

ok she's 2 and a half years younger then me and when we met I had just moved to a new area and I was with a friend at his friends little get together and I met her and her boyfriend at the time and he was a little f***ing asshole like he would just say lets have sex NOW and pulled her in a room like it made me mad as f***kk.ok well she was friends with a girl I was really good friends with and we started hanging out like her and her friends would sneak out to come hang wit me and after a few times she started sneaking out to hang wit just me and she stopped smoking ciggs because of me because I hate that shit and she ended up breaking up with her boyfriend for treating her like shit. ok well we hang out a lot and we have messed around a little fingering ect we kiss and shit all the time. I feel weird cause I just turned 17 and she's just about to turn 15 this month and I really like her and she really likes me. well the problem is it might be pretty weird like I know her ex boyfriend we are kool like we don't have problems and I know all of her friends I'm worried that like if we start dating it will be awkward around most of our mutual friends because they have all known each other including her boyfriend for a long time and I just started hanging with these people 2 months ago. I mean none of them can whoop my ass or anything I just don't know I'm just unsure about if I should start dating her right now? or what?

so tell me what everyone thinks please


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  • You like her, treat her right, she likes you too. I don't think 17 and 15 is that big a deal, but you do have some extra responsibility to treat her right and keep her safe. For example, making sure you don't get her pregnant or something. Depending where you live, it might be illegal for you to have sex, which you might want to think about--but I don't think it's wrong.

    As far as the guys, decide if they're more important to you than she is. She and her Boyfriend broke up, so you're not doing anything wrong--but there's a good chance he'll be pissed. Mutual friends are less likely to care unless they're really close knit.

    In any case, if you really like this girl, she's probably worth losing a friendship with some guy who treated her badly and you've only known a couple months anyway!


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  • Well one thing I can tell you about dating in a circle of friends is it sucks! Another thing is to watch out for her friends. When I started dating my boyfriend my friends all hated him because we wanted to hang out alone. They also didn't like seeing us kiss and hug. My boyfriend claims that my friends tried to break us up. I'm not saying this goes for everyone but it happens alot. Dating in a circle sucks because you date one person then you have a bad break up and you have the same friends so they have to choose. Not something you want to happen. I would say go for it because you know the people you hang out with more than I do but if you since them being more protecting over her than anyone else just watch out and maybe just say friends for awhile.


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  • your going to create a ripple effect within the friends where everyone will be affected. it happens weather or not your all friends before. if your really concered about it and are friends with her ex. talk to him first. you don't date a friends ex behind their back. if he says sure or is ok with it. then go for it. other than that you shouldn't have a problem. oh and one more thing, to make it easier for your friends, keep the PDA (public display of affection) out of sight. holding hands, kissing, arms around each other. these things can make it very uncomfotable for your friends.

    • Ok not her ex and me aren't like friends we know each other and were kool I guess but were not like friends I'm friends with a lot of his friends but likest friend told me just wait till he gets a new girlfriend so he doesn't flip out and end up getting his ass whoooped trying to fight me lol and he has a new girlfriend witch was one of the girl I'm talking tos good friends...