Ladies, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Waiting for something better, playing, or just plain interested?

Hi all, so I have been hitting the field in a major way the past month (meeting as many members of the opposite sex as I can). There is something that just baffles me..I start communicating with these two women who I find out have boyfriends. One has had one for about 3 months, the other for 8 years! No mention at all of a boyfriend when I make my intentions clear. For instance, one I suggest that there is something going on between us and she pretty much doesn't resist (the one that has had a boyfriend for 8 years) and the other just flat out says "You and I need to have a dinner date and hang out". I usually STOP my offensive the minute I hear they have a boyfriend and expect the "Sorry but I have a BF" within the first 20-30minutes of conversation when I let them know right off the bat what my intent is. Now the question is ladies, WHY DO YOU NOT MENTION A boyfriend, COMMUNICATE REGULARLY(30 min phone calls at least every other day), AND BASICALLY EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST AS WELL?

Are you:

1. Will leave once something better comes along since you are in a relationship of convenience?

2. Playing the guy?

3.Just plain interested?

If a guy flat out tells you, I THINK YOUR HOT AND WANT TO DATE YOU and you are serious about your boyfriend you would let him know right? Your input would be greatly appreciated...




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  • Does 3 mean interested in your boyfriend or the guy who's trying to pick you up? For me, when I have a boyfriend, he's the only one I want to be with. So I always tell a guy right away that I have a boyfriend if he tells me he wants to date me. Sounds like those girls just aren't very faithful.

    • Interested in the guy that is picking her up..Either they aren't faithful or they just can't resist a good thing when they see it hehe just kidding ;-)

  • Everyone's always looking for something better. Everyone's playing everyone. Everyone's interested.


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