What does he want? We see each other outside of work alone and hang out as friends but feel more is going on?

He is a colleague, I am shortly leaving this job. I have felt what I am pretty sure is a mutual attraction for the last year and a half or so. We have started going for casual drinks semi-regularly, just as friends. He mentions meeting up regularly - once a month or so - for drinks/ dinner, and has mentioned wanting to take me out for dinner, to keep up contact after I leave this job. When we say bye he holds me quite tight and quite long (longer than I would expect my other male friends to), if I am cold he puts his arm around me rubbing my arms to warm me up, but on the whole he does not touch me. His girlfriend is pregnant, and I have recently got back together with my long-term partner. I am a lot more attractive than he is.


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  • what did he want?