I am moving in with a very close friend and I might be liking him?

Hi everyone :)

So I've been friends with this guy for a couple of years now and we're really close. Due to some circumstances of life, I'll be moving in with him in a month and I've been getting extremely anxious, scared that I'm going to mess this up. The thing is that we'revery good friends, and also dance partners so we know each other incredibly well, I trust him like no one else and we definitely have an insane connection. We've been seeing each other for literally every single day in the last year (for either rehearsal, practice or just to chill together, we've slept on the same bed and cuddled and nothing is weird)

The worst part is that I think I might have been feeling more than friendship recently because I'm so constantly happy to see him, I crave his presence around me and I have even lost interest in dating people around me, though I'm not entirely sure if that's just because of him. And well not gonna lie he's very pleasant to the eyes, so I could definitely be attracted to him.

Problem is I have no idea of how he sees me, and I have very distorted perceptions of myself so I'm very very very bad at judging how people perceive me (mental illness causes that). I kinda want to believe he's way more affectionate to me than others, he's clearly stated his appreciation for me before, he's always there when I need him but I don't know. I'm very afraid of it just being in my head or just being care for someone like a sister.

The thing is we're probably going to end up living together (I'm really out of options on this) and I'm afraid of hurting myself or forever changing our friendship and bond over a misstep at some point (like letting myself fall for him).

Do you think I like him? or that he likes me? How can I not mess everything up?
I am moving in with a very close friend and I might be liking him?
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