What should I expect on our first date?

Ok, so here's what happened. I met this guy at a party and we danced most of the night. When we went for water, we spoke a lot; he seemed really interested in knowing more about me. At the end of the night, we switched numbers; he asked me for a kiss but I would only kiss him on the cheek (to show that I'm not easy). Apparently he didn't mind because he texted me less than a day after. Via text, he wanted me to elaborate on what I had told him at the party and even more. We texted for three days and I was told by a trusted friend that guys liked to be asked out by girls. I was afraid that texting would become boring because we'd eventaully run out of this to say by texting, so I asked him if he wanted to do something this weekend. He said yes and the date is set for saturday. I want to know what I should expect. We're metting at the restaurant and then we go to the movies but should I expect him to drive me home? Will he try to kiss me? I'm afraid that we'll hit an awkward silence or something. And guys! Please, tell me, would you go on a date because you felt you had to? Or you would only go if you wanted to? Would you do what this guy did if you weren't interested?


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  • You should expect him to drive you home

    He will try to kiss you

    Which answers your last question if he's interested

    I've gone on a small handful of dates when a girl I wasn't particularly into, asked me out, but if I did not like a girl I would never try to kiss her.

    • Thank you! But is it bad that's I'm the one who asked him out?

    • no, it is actually good.

      it puts you in a stronger position - you know what you want (and what you don't) and you go for it

      on that strength, if he goes for a kiss and you are not ready, you should basically just smile and say "not yet" and offer him your cheek instead.

    • Ok, thank you so much! Your answer has been really helpful!

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