What if I kissed him right away?

Ok I planned to talked to this guy I think is cute for the first time, and me and my best friend were texting about how I should do it and got into a debate. He said I should kiss him right from the get go.(I would never and he was just joking) but the debate is if it would work well or not. I said it wouldn't because I would come off as a sl*t and guys probably wouldn't like it ad think I'm weird. He says it would work like a charm. So I said what if I kissed you when we first met, what would you think? of coarse he said he would think wow, she's my next girlfriend. lol. He seems convinced guys would like it. but I think not. Idk, what do you guys think about it? and fyi, I dindnt do it and the introducing went well.:)


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  • If the guy is single and thinks your good looking he'll probably like being kissed (at least from an evolutionary perspective & statistical perspective, that's true) but that's not necessarily the best start to a relationship he might just think you want a short term fling, you were kissing for the heck of it, you're promiscuous or did it for a dare, etc. Still it would definitely get the message across.

    Also, what kind of kiss are we talking about? A reckon a lot of guys (if they liked the girl) would see a kiss on the cheek as nice/sweet but then a lot (from what I've seen on this website) can't tell whether the girl's just being friendly by kissing them hello/goodbye.

    What I think would be cute is if you asked his (the guy you think is cute) opinion on whether they'd like to be kissed by a girl they just met. It would be a pretty good way to flirt and answer your question at the same time.

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