How do I go about kissing a guy who is shy? :)

So, I finally got over the last guy I was liking. Moving on to the new situation now.. I decided to create an eHarmony because I figured heck, what do I have to lose? My eighth grade english teacher met her husband there, and I was lucky enough to meet an amazing guy on there, too.

I actually took my debit card off of the account because I figured I'd subscribe once just to see what happened. Well, this guy and I were a match, so I sent him the questions, and he wrote me back. Then it was time for my account to close, so I never really got back on. A week or so later, I'm checking my online banking to see that eHarmony has charged me for a new subscription. So, I call them and they say they cannot refun the entire amount. However, they downgraded my account and refunded half of the money.

Well I decide to write this guy because I happened to look at his profile again. We start talking, and then we begin talking offline. I met him just the other day, and he is the sweetest guy in the world. He was raised with morals, so speaking about sex is totally out of the question right now. And that’s great, I am not complaining because it shows that he respects me, and I respect him even more for respecting me. But yeah, he is pretty amazing! Anyways, it’s like I do nothing but smile and blush around him because I really like him. The problem is that he is just so shy. He finally kissed me on the forehead today, and I wanted to kiss him on the lips. How do I go about kissing a guy who is shy without making him feel uncomfortable? I realize that every guy kisses different, and sometimes we females have to train them :P but he’s just so shy, and I really don’t want to scare him away because I feel like this is gonna go somewhere. I feel like God let these things happen for a reason because just maybe he is the one for me. (Yes, I believe in God, but please don’t comment trying to criticize me for that. I wouldn’t do that to you, so I expect the same respect. Please and thank you.)

Question is this: Do I lean in and peck him on the lips, or do I wait for him to make that first move?

Thanks in advance for all of your responses!


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  • the usual thing to do is wait for the guy to make the first move, but after a while if he doesn't make it then you can make the first move

    • Well.. he was pretty shy, so I asked him what he was doing Friday. [Face-to-face, not in a text, etc.] He said it was supposed to be the other way around as in the man asking the woman out lol. But I like being more of a leader than a follower at times. :]

    • it usually is that way; the guy askes the girl. but I think it's fine if the girl asks, personaly it takes some pressure off of me. but it's fine to lead sometimes, ya know my best friend went out with a girl that asked him out. so it's not like it's a bad thing or something like that, I guess it's just not really commen

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  • Look, the more you sit around and think about it the harder it is to do. Just grab the sides of his head when you guys are having fun together, and kiss him. Think Nikes moto


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  • You can try a kiss on the cheek first since he isn't making any moves.