Guy never replied to hanging out for fourth date? Did I do something wrong?

So I met this guy on a dating app and things were going super well; first date was great, second date was even better (we went to an amusement park), but the third date was sorta okay. I told him I wanted to take things slow and he agreed to not do anything crazy, so we both mutually agreed on staying in and playing video games. Well we did exactly that and he was true to his word, nothing crazy happened (like not even a cuddle), but he’s been distant with texting me and never replied about hanging out again. He kissed me twice before he left my place, but I just don’t understand why it went so well and now it’s just gone suddenly when he agreed to take things slow. I feel like I messed up because we kissed a lot on the second date and I was too shy to greet him with a kiss on the third date, maybe making me seem disinterested, but I’m just new to it all and nervous around him.

So I have 2 questions with this;
1) What happened and did I do something wrong?
2) Is it normal to stop talking to someone altogether after 3 decent dates? (Shouldn’t you say something like “oh I don’t think we should hang out again”?)

**Disclaimer: I’m new to dating, so I’m still trying to figure things out.
11 mo
Update: He seemed to really like me and by the second date, we had a list of things we were going to do together (watch certain movies, visit different places, etc). I don’t think he was disinterested, but I’m just wondering what it could’ve been that made him lose interest all of a sudden...
Guy never replied to hanging out for fourth date? Did I do something wrong?
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