Its been a week since he backed out of hanging out. will he text me or not?

i asked him to go bowling on Monday and he decided to hang out with his friends. will he text me to reschedule or should I just not expect to hear from him.

same guy if people are keeping up with my question.

I gave in and texted him tonight, but he seemed excited to here from me


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  • I think that you must invite him again...Do you have any mutual friends with him?

    • ya I do and I'm hoping to see him now that we are back in school and then ask him out.

    • happy for you :)))

  • I don't know the story behind this.. but it seems like you shouldn't get your hopes up. Don't give up of course. You can try to reschedule (although the ball is in his court, he should be the one rescheduling seeing as he's the one that canceled), if you feel like that's not too pushy (you know what the exact situation is better than I do). This happened to me before, we rescheduled and he canceled again so that ended there, if someone cancels twice and never tries to reschedule then they are just not interested (of course in my case he actually was interested in me being his booty call so I didn't tell the whole truth when I said he didn't reschedule, but he just try to reschedule for overnight and vodka.. yaaa RIGHT)

    • ya I think he might just see me as a friend eventho this is the first time I have asked him to go do something and he went drinking with friends instead. Thanks for the input

    • No problem, but since this was the first time you asked you should try again if you really like him. Make another move (instead of waiting for him to text), after all it's been almost a week. Do it in person perhaps? Anyways good luck :)

    • ya well will be back in school next week and then I will see how he acts and then determine what I will do :)

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