Would a mom ever be upset because of this?

Me and my host family were having dinner and waited for the son, who arrived a little later. As he arrived he greeted me and sat down next to his mom. During the dinner I looked at him and drooled over him. I looked at him with big sheep eyes and all dreamly. As I looked away I met the eyes of his mom. She had a neutral facial expression, as she caught me! She for sure knows what were going through my mind. For the rest of the night I felt deeply ashamed and could have just sink into the ground from shame!

What is she most likely thinking? What would you guys think in her place? Would a mol ever be upset because of this? I heard her once talking to her husband, that i'm very friendly. Oh god, what if she tells him snd they talk about it?
Would a mom ever be upset because of this?
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