Need to figure out if I'm dealing with a fake plentyoffish profile or not?

I recently got on the website plentyoffish website to help meet women in the new city I moved to (I live in Socal now). Back in my home state I managed to meet a few women on POF. Somewhere not exactly smokin, but a few were.

Now I moved to a new city I am very busy with my new job. I am really trying to save money/time with dating so I am using POF to message a lot of women.

Recently I got emailed from a cute, young chic (she's 21 and I'm in my late 20s) saying she liked my profile. In her pics she is very cute. And she was very responsive to all my emails. Very flirty and we even kidded around about sex a bit. However I was careful not to go too far.

I asked if I could text her in an email. I always ask a girl for a phone number at some point to gauge her TRUE interest level in me and if she is serious about dating and not just looking for attention. It's also a test to see if she even EXISTS. She responded that she didn't feel comfortable handing out her digits, but after getting to know me she would. She then asked for my facebook info. I don't like handing that out, but I don't really have anyway around it since this is online.

She looked even prettier in her facebook profile. I could also see she was having conversations with other folks. But one thing that bothered me is that her facebook profile looked only about 2 months new.

Well I sent her fb message joking around about something she posted. We went back and forth. I then said "I want to get your number so I can hear your sexy voice" (I'm still wondering if she exists. She said she wanted to skype conversation me a few days later. I finally said "I just want to make sure you are some dude making a fake profile". She then decided to completely defriend/block out my profile. But still said she wanted to skype conversation later. Here is the whole history:

ME: sorry to hear your disappointment in your fb post...but I then again this is Cali. Who knows, maybe you can turn him st8...but you won't have that problem with some other people ;)

HER: Sexy Wench of mine, I am feeling 'aroused' come over here and take care of my needs. Your payment of 4 cans of Pepsi throwback will be on the dresser. If you're really good tonight, I'll throw in an extra can of cherry coke. *sigh* I know, I am a big spender :D

You'll get used to my sense of humor :x

ME: Haha...pepsi throwback should make a good male enhancement supplement...not that I need it anyway ha.

I don't know about soda...but I remember once using a honey bottle with an old girlfriend mine...:p...ha

So are you back from San Fran?

HER: Honey would be incredibly sticky, no? I think...licking and sucking bare skin is incredibly erotic on its own :x

I should be back Sunday night *knock on wood*

ME: Haaa I love how your naughty little mind works...hopefully it's not all tease...I got a sweet tooth for honey :p. I would like to call you up sometime and make

make plans for dinner or something fun :)

HER: but what if a girl's natural wetness is sweeter than honey? ;) Pfft, I never say what I don't mean ^_^

Perhaps, when I come back? You did promise to put out on the first date *nods*

ME: My Mouth is watering to match...haha. ;). Damn the anticipation is already building up...these emails are like appetizers. So what number should I call to hear your sexy voice babe?

HER: Perhaps, when I get home Sunday, we can skype? You'll be able to see me and hear my voice :P You, sir are incredibly naughty! You have the ability to make a girl think sinful thoughts about your sexy body *nods*
ME: Babe I just want to make sure you are legit and not some dude putting up pics of a hot girl and toying with other dudes. I'm cool with skype if you are not comfortable with the number. But I would feel a lot more comfortable texting you directly

HER: considering this is only our second time chatting, I don't really feel comfortable giving you my digits yet. As for skype, it's a free service that should diffuse both our fears about the other i.e. that you're not some 60 year old, overweight psych
ME: Fair enough babe :). Let's talk on Sunday. What's your skype address? Mine is
HER: I TTY when I Sunday at the earliest. Take care, sir :)

HER: I think that I am going to take you off my personal fb, until we skype at the very least. You're the only person that I've added that I haven't met...and you just made me realize that :P
Okay that was end of the fb conversation. She just didn't defriend me, she BLOCKED MY profile. DId I say anything unreasonable in my conversation above? Assuming she exists I can understand her wanting to be careful. But then again
I don't want to be made a fool of by douche bag who has nothing better than to do than get his kicks by making fake profiles and tormenting dudes. I actually KNEW a guy who did this a few years ago. He made some poor soul drive to an
airport twice by making up a fake profile. I'm not that stupid. I might be lonely, but I won't be fooled. But what if this girl really exists? How do I go about mending this problem?
Also I am well aware that people can disguse their voices over skype.


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  • If you want to talk to her & she doesn't want to give out her #, why don't you give her your # and ask her to call you? That way she can block her # if she is so inclined, and you can speak to each other.

    Both of you can be happy then. If she refuses that, then you know something is up. Because that is a win-win situation.

    • well I know for a fact (with american women at least) that if a woman hands her number IT MEANS SOMETHING. She WANTS a guy to call her...because she is ATTRACTED to him. Plain and simple. I know if a girl asks for my number that is REJECTION plain and simple. 99.99% of the time she WILL NOT CALL. Good looking women do NOT call men(unless he is famous/rich). Period. The only monkey wrench is that she is russian. She might behave differently than american women.

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    • This isn't necessarily so. Plus this is different. You've been talking on-line. So just tell her you understand she may not want her # given out to a stranger & give her yours. Not all women are as you stated.

    • well the thing is I noticed a lot of women will message/chat back and forth for the sake of attention. If it were a mutual friend on facebook or something, I can understand. But a site like POF is meant for dating. So I always try to go in for the close...get a number to see if they are interested.

      Look at quadrophonic's message below. She might be a cam girl.

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  • oh gawd reading this made me vomit a little

  • She is playing u... that's all I gotta say...

  • I think she's playing you. Move on!


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  • Yeah, I'm thinking this is totally fake. What are the odds her facebook account would be 2 months old? She's 21? Not likely AT ALL. So at best this was her "dating" profile. But either way, it's not a good sign.

    I'd suggest in the future, you try to set up a coffee meeting as soon as humanly possible. That'll save you a sh*tload of time and emotional energy. In the meantime, if you want to get a quick view of single women out there who you KNOW are real (and reasonably likely to be single and looking) I'd suggest you try speed dating. Not terribly expensive and very efficient use of time. PLUS you'll get better at having initial conversations.

  • My guess is that she's a cam girl. She'll get you on Skype and try to get you to pay her to get naked and do kinky stuff.

    I've met a lot of girls off the internet, and you don't want to meet the ones that talk about sex like that (so quickly) anyway. One that I was talking to about a month ago sent me naked pics of herself the day after we had our first phone convo...some people are just psychos.

    • ahh...well the second she asks me for any $$$ at all I'm GONE. These people really disgust me.

      But why did she block me from facebook?

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    • yeah there are pitfalls. I guess my reaction is just cause of my current situation. I'm working a full time job, running a side biz and determined to pay down debt, save up and man up. Don't have time/patience to dilly dally. About spending money on the bouqet/dinner. I've made the same mistake b4...usually being too generous with my attention. One good guy I know of is doc love. He talks about being a challenge to women (reason why assholes do so well),

    • although I don't think it's possible for nice/good guy to become a douche...we can control ourselves. The times when I felt most confident/composed is when I did best with women. During those times I put my more important things then their attention as a priority. Being lonely right now is warping my judgement though. But their are good things to come for good guys like you and I . I'm gonna stay positive.

  • "she" blocked you on FB so you couldn't tell other people "she" was carrying on with that "she" is a f-ing troll.