I met a guy online but he lives far away?

I met this guy on Tinder, we talked a bit and we hit it off great. We followed each other on Instagram and we started talking there. We’ve been talking a lot (we’re texting since a couple of weeks) and we have a lot in common. He asked me to meet him when he was in my city but I was too busy and we had just started knowing each other. I feel like now it would be a good time to date but we live too far from each other and he’s coming in my city in 2 months.
I like texting with him but it’s weird: I feel like I know him but I actually never met him.
Should we keep texting in these 2 months? Or should we text less? Right now we’re talking on a daily basis, not constantly but daily (maybe we answer each other after a 3/4 hours gap sometimes cause we’re busy). What do you think? Is it normal to do that or should we stop texting? When he’ll be in my city, in 2 months, we’re obviously going on a first date. Any advices?
I met a guy online but he lives far away?
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