Guys, Was I led on?

I have been seeing a guy for 5 months and i feel like i am being led on. He is a musician, a vocalist in a band and creates music with his friend as a side project. He also works monday- Friday and just started going to the gym. At the beginning he was super attentive, seemed extremely in to me. About a month in this slowed down. He messaged me less and things started feeling very casual. I decided to go with the flow and give it more time as i knew he had other commitments. A month later, things were feeling even more casual. I asked him about this and he stated he has just been extremely busy and tightly wound. However he stated he would be more proactive in seeing me. He also stated i was the only person he had been with since meeting me. This has been a re-occurring issue over the past 5 months. He prioritises everything before me and has asked me to be patient and understanding towards his needs as he has a lot of commitments. At times, he will leave me on read when i try to speak to him about the direction of this situation. He will say "hey i'll reply to this when i get home" and never replies, but will be online updating his instagram story. Whenever i bring anything up now, he just gets angry. Then will apologise and say that it's because he's too stressed out. He has reassured me that i have nothing to worry about in terms of how serious he is and that he feels a connection. I have met his friends and family. And he invited me to spend Christmas day with him and will tell me things like "you're the most important thing in my life apart from music and work right now". However his actions show otherwise? I have done everything i can. I drive to him, i pay for food, i have even bought him post-show gifts. And i listen to him vent about his problems. I try to be as supportive as i can. But he still continues to treat me like i'm just someone he sleeps with. Help!
Guys, Was I led on?
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