A question about kissing?

If a girl is a bad kisser would you avoid kissing and making out with her? Or would you tell her and try to work on it with her?

I'm only asking because I don't think I know what I'm doing when I kiss...but I have had a few guys say I'm good. But I thought that's only because I have full lips.

So guys what makes a girl a good kisser?

Would you avoid kissing and making out with a bad kisser? Or would you tty to teacher her?


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  • I wouldn't tell her straight out. I'd work with her, though.

    • So you wouldn't avoid kissing her? The guy I recently made out with is really experienced with a lot of girls and I've kissed 5 guys my whole life and only made out with 3 of them. So I'm a little worried he didn't actually enjoy it.

    • Even if I didn't enjoy it, I'd still work with her.

      Read my answer to this question : link

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  • lol I don't think there is any right or wrong way, and its not really rocket science :P

    but if they where terrible (I don't see how you could be) I say practice makes perfect haha

  • If her skills aren't that well, I would say that and keep trying untill she gets it :)


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