What's going to happen with him?

On friday, I went over to a guys house, he has a girlfriend, but we kissed, alot. he made the first move, we were just staring at each other for ages and then he kissed me, I pulled away and said he had a girlfriend but then he kissed me again, when I got back he had text me saying, before was abit stupid, I'm with ***** but it was mainly my fault, but I do like you, but I'm with ***** and trying to make it work, since then we have talked alot, he's always then one trying to talk to me, and he has invited me out for something to eat with him, what's going to happen, I like him but I Haven't told him? what should I do? and does he actually like me?



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  • Maybe he really does like you, but the problem is, what if you get with this guy, and someone else comes along who he finds more attractive and/or likes more? He could leave you too.

    On the other hand if all you're looking for is a friend with kissing benefits (or more) then go for it. But be advised, the other girl will probably hate you.


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  • Be careful & know up front, if a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you, and you become the new girlfriend...he will probably cheat on you, with the next girl, and she'll become the new girlfriend.

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    Enough said?

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