Would you still try to contact someone after more than a year to see if the chemistry is there?

To simplify things my love life is dry. I feel so old and sort of desperate sometimes. Long story - so the last time I felt like something could possibly happen was like almost 2.5 years ago when I met this guy in college. We were in the same club. He was the leader of the club. We interacted a few times but I missed out several times he was actually there leading everyone. I didn’t make it to most club meetings. Anyway I felt like he was interested in me. I also felt a strange connection with him. I wasn’t attracted to him at first because he wasn’t my type. But I really liked his personality. He was so smart, mature, humble, nice and outgoing. The last time, I saw him we shook hands and I felt something there. It was his last time there and he was bummed that I couldn’t make it more often to the club. When the semester ended, he proceeded to send me an invite through LinkedIn. At that moment I didn’t want to make a profile because I didn’t have people to add. He sent me it twice (as club leader he had my email). I don't know if this was his way to contact me but I really didn’t want to make a account. After that I never heard from him. After this I transferred to a different college. It has been do hard to adjust. My social life is dead. I don’t have friends or much less love interests. Sometimes I still think of the what if. But I feel like it’s too late now. I wonder would the spark still be there? Then again, I could just let this go and try to meet someone new. (Hopefully this year). Would still reach out?
8 mo
I also feel like because I didn’t respond to his invite, he might have taken it as I was not interested. But I was. I just didn’t want to make a profile for 1 guy. I just felt like it was pointless
Would you still try to contact someone after more than a year to see if the chemistry is there?
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