What do I do if I'm a bad kisser?

I made out with this guy last night, and it was literally my first time ever kissing someone. The whole time I was freaking out because I had no idea what I was doing and he was using lots of toungue and it was just bad. He said he was going to text me, but never did. I texted him today and he never replied.. which was maybe 6 hours ago.. do you think the fact that I'm a bad kisser was a turn off to him?

PS. He was a year or two older than me and did he didn't know that it was my first kiss..I'm pretty sure he assumed I had kissed a guy before


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  • Well everyone takes a few makeout sessions to figure out what they like and how to do it comfortably and with finesse. Don't fret about it. Whatever the reason is, it's in his head, and trust me, if making out was all he wanted from you, you don't want him. Soon you'll have a boyfriend I bet and that's always a great opportunity to try things out and learn. Everyone starts somewhere.


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  • honestly, it sounds like he's the bad kisser... do not worry about it... you may have dodged a bullet.

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