What can gaurantee a second date?

I met this guy. Super cool. We clicked right away. We've been texting casually for about 2 months now...We finally went out on our first official first date...We tried to hang out for 1 month now but either my schedule or his wouldn't allow it. The date was ideal...Fun, no dull moments, laughter the entire time, flirting, hand holding... I went home and he wnated me to hang out longer. I didn't. I hugged him good bye and he said he would love to hang out SOON? I said he was more than welcome to come and visit me...We live 1 hr away from each other...How long before my second date? I texted him saying hello and he replied I don't want to seem clingy and scare him off so should I just want to back off a bit...but how long does a girl normally have to wait in order to hear back from a guy?

FYI: He lives in san diego and I live in orange county...We both work alot..but on our date we did discuss the fact that we work so much but if we wanted to we both could make time for a special someone...its all a matter of is that person worth it.


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  • Wait for him to make the next move if you were the first to initiate contact last. I always stand by the rule too of the guy asking for the second date. Mostly because a girl will never see a guy as desperate simply for asking, but guy will sometimes see a girl as desperate for asking. (So many different preferences). Best to err on the side of caution. If he's very interested, he will ask you. Especially considering it'll be your second date and you had a great first one.


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  • no such thing as a gaurantee


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  • there's supposed to be "the 3 day rule" but I don't understand guys these days lol

    • 3 day rule? Yes I know about that...I texted him this morning...he replied good morning beautiful don t work too hard and I hope you have great day at work! But from here on out I think I should let him take initiative to contact me...He seemed interested but I just hope our 1 hr driving distance won't turn him off. :(

    • i agree with you that he should now take the initiative to ask you, especially since you showed your interest with that text. but look at the girl that answered above, maybe she's right? it seems like guys want us to be more aggressive or something, I'm just scared that if you ask him out once, he'll continue to expect you to put in all the work then you never know how much he cares. ugh I'm in a similar situation

    • Well during our date which was Saturday (asking him again so soon would seem desperated right?) he mentioned about how previous girsl were all over him and didn't really give him space. so asking him out again when I inivited him I think would be too much

  • you waited long enough for a second date, ask him out ASAP and set up a date

    • Well during our date which was Saturday (asking him again so soon would seem desperated right?) he said his last girlfriend was a bit needy and clingy and didn't really give him space so I don't want to be like that

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