What's his or my problem?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months it has been great and he is different from any other guy I've dated. But the difference is I developed an insecurity while dating him. Before he dated me he like his best friend and my best friend(both turned him down). Recently when I go to his locker to talk to him he is talking to her and sometimes push me out to the convo and when I talk to my guy friend he gets a bit jealous. He pays me little attention when at school around people but when alone he gives me a lot of attention(of course.) We text everyday and he tells me he loves me and all but still when we are at school he acts differently and today I he talked to everyone but me. All I got was a side conversation. He knows I can get jealous and still manages to make me what should I do? Honestly I'm scared to lose him or get hurt. I try to control my insecurity but for some reason I can't help it...


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  • Well if you feel ignored then you should say to him that you don't like feeling ignored and that he should at least talk to you every day.

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