I don't want to date. What should I do about this guy?

My sister and I are friends with a guy at school. He is nice, I would not call him a close friend. Either way, he recently asked for my number so we could hang out, and I didn't mind, I just told that I didn't want anything else though, and he said he understood. We have hung out a few times, but things seem to get more and more awkward, like he just doesn't know when to say things and he doesn't get the hint.. Like he's been asking and saying weird stuff like "what do you think about me", "Do you ever miss me" and he tells me that he's lonely and wants a girlfriend, after I have told him several times I don't want to date. I'm not even attracted to him. and the other night he said that he wants to kiss me, and if I don't want him to that I can slap him in the face, and I told him I would do it gladly, like, he is way too forward, and it's annoying, especially after I have explained that I don't want to date him, or anyone for that matter. What should I do? Truthfully I don't really care to be around him in general, I just feel bad saying no.


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  • He wants more than a friendship and you don't.

    So ... this can't be helped. Stop hanging around with him until he can control himself better and put YOU in his 'Friend Zone'.


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