Your dating...what's better texting or phone calls?

So I ask you...What's better? I know with technology so advanced its more convenient to text but in order to make a connection is a phone call really necessary or is going on dates several times a week and texting okay? What do you guys think? Girls what do you prefer? and Men do you text because the interest isn't really there..and is a phone call only done for those girls you actually really like?

  • Texting....I hate talking on the phone.
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  • Phone call....I like my answers right away
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  • It depends on the interest level
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Also, What if your dating someone who lives in a different city...Like an hr away? You both work tons? Is texting still acceptable or is the phone call to be made about once a day just to catch up...Key word is dating...Your a "Committed/ Exclusive"


Most Helpful Girl

  • texting its better, though sometimes a phone call is umm sweeter? ha ha I don't know

    the thing bout being on the phone is that moment of "sooo" you have nothing else to say but you dnt wanna hang up lol

    texting comes in handy when you need time to think of your reply xD

    • Very true girl! I love texting better...I even forward calls to voicemail and then text back right just too tired from my day to talk...I know lazy! But when its a long distance thing I think a phonecall at the end of the day is nice...maybe like 1 once a wk? yes? no?

    • yeah I say it depends on feeling. sometimes you wanna talk for hours and sometimes you just feel like texting having fun. I get you, I'm lazy 2 xD ha ha but I've never send a call to voicemail lol , that's priceless xD

      so anyway both good.. texting its just easier I guess xP

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What Guys Said 2

  • From my experience, some girls tend to just want to BE on the phone, even if we have nothing to talk about. I don't really like talking on the phone unless there is a real reason, so I'm going to go with texting.

    • Ok...yes I know. WE tend to use the phone as a social tool and not as a "get to the point tool" like men do. Good point! :)

  • Phone, I like hearing her voice :)


What Girls Said 2

  • phone because it seems more intimate, sincere, and personal ;)

    but if you guys talk all the time...or if the other one is busy, then texting is better because it doesn't need an immediate answer

  • I say both.

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