GUYS ONLY: how would you react if......

a girl sent you a message saying "i was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime" after you've talked her only a couple times?

what if you liked her how would you react?

if you didn't like her?



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  • i'd find out if it were a date, and tell her if I were interested in her.

  • Well If I liked her of course I would be happy. If I didn't like her I'd say something along the lines of "maybe/we'll see/". But more than likely I'd keep putting off plans

    • he said "Maybe soon I'm just super busy with school and work for the next month :/" and that reminded me of how you said "maybe" so I'm not sure lol but I hope its true and I hope we get to!

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    • ha just relax and think positive. What I mean is have the mindset that even if he doesn't get back to you, you won't care. You have better things to do and it's no big deal.

    • yeah, thanks!

      we have class tomorrow I'm a bit nervous about what's gonna happen there though haha

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