How do you find your league?

We are always harsh on ourselves, some more than others. Somedays I look at myself and think hot but most days I think harshly about myself. I am a good person on the inside and have a lot to give. However, I constantly find myself dating nasty guys that take advantage and to make matters worse they are fugly. I constantly get told I am too good for my partners. I recently was with a guy who was morbidly obese and had no self-confidence because of the way he looked. He was so low on himself he became bitter and was nasty to me. I don't know why I keep going for these guys and it's not just who pursues me I pursue them. I can have a great good looking nice guy asking me out and I'll think he's not serious? so how do I find out who I should be dating? and the types of people I should be dating? My friends always tell me I am stunning but I always believe they are biased because they are my friends and I've said that to my friends when they feel low or are dating guys they shouldn't be.
How do you find your league?
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