Second date awkwardness: Meeting the best friend?

We went to see a band for the second date. She had dug around on the instant messenger, (I meet her on an online dating site and we hit it off) for me to ask her out so I did to a concert, She wanted to meet first and talk to see if I was "normal". We had coffee for the first date.Talked for hours. A few days latter I asked her out to go see a replica of a famous British landmark. She said yes, but canceled a day before. (Her brother was sick, and she had to watch her niece.) The following week we went to the show where I met the best friend. My date came up to me while I was waiting in line to pay for my ticket, and we talked. She said her friend was here, so I told her to go in and I would find her. when I came in later they were talking about me(which is awkward) and she said "this is him" to which the friend said "he's cute" or something like that, it was kind of loud. During the show I got stuck with the best friend when we got separated due to the crowd rushing the stage. so I talked to the friend. We liked the same kind of music but I felt awkward cause I was kind of a nerd. I was my funny self but I really nerded out of Jack White. after the show My date included me in the conversation with the friend. She had parked far away from the venue(and it was in a bad part of town) I offered to walk her back to her car or give her a ride. She chose the ride. I opened the door for her, And we talked on the way back to her car, and she basically told me she was going to be busy all next month with her military duties and her school. She then gave me a hug goodbye. Besides a few awkward moments it seemed like a good date right?


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  • I guess it was an OK date. Just I would try to find someone else, because she's basically distancing herself, whether purposely or not, from you.

    You've been on two dates.. you shouldn't wait for her to get back from all the things she's gonna be doing and expect her to want to date you or be with you. Maybe when she's not busy give it a shot again, but meanwhile look for someone else.

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