He keeps texting but hasn't asked me out?

I met someone I really like at my leaving do. We got on really well, he was very attentive, warm and charming. Took me home, kissed me passionately on the doorstep and asked for my number.

Since then I have received numerous text messages but no date. When I have suggested meeting up he was very sweet citing that he is very busy but one day perhaps we can meet. He has however, been quite keen to meet as a group but we both failed to make the drinks occasion.

He apparently was quite annoyed that I didn't make it saying that he was glad he didn't attend as I was not even there! I get the impression he is still quite interested based on the amount of texts I have received but he just seems too busy to call or see me . Should I ask him out or just forget about him? I like him so much and know he likes me too. He is quite shy so wondering if this is a factor.


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  • I would ask him out, at least once. If shyness is a factor maybe that's all that is holding him back, and saying he's busy is simply a defense. If he turns that down, give the group date a shot. Once again that is a move someone nervous or shy would use.

    I like the group date strategy, it makes me feel secure knowing I can have my friend there the whole time or ask them to leave when I feel comfortable being alone, and of course if things don't work out or get awkward someones there to step in and save the moment or just save you.

    Best of luck =)

    • One thing I failed to mention is that he is separated. I am wondering if this is factor. He has two children and perhaps there is a degree of trepidation involved here. I did as advised and he came back straight away to say that he was on holiday in Cyprus, that he was then going to Singapore and would see when he got back. I don't intend to make any more plans with him, the ball is most certainly in his court. He was very enthused and asked if I was offering to cook, I love cooking you see.

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  • Ask him out. If he's not asking you out, I would guess he fears that you are losing interest in him.

    • Thank you for your kind responses by the way

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