How to date someone who doesn't text?

When we go out together, it's great and we have amazing chemistry. However, he doesn't like texting. He told me on our very first date, he barely checks his phone and will probably reply once or twice a day to text messages.

Now, him not being a huge texter isn't a big deal. However, it does get difficult when I want to ask him a question or check up on him and he takes forever to reply. Last time I called him because he wanted to reschedule our last date. He sounded very sick on the phone so I instantly understood why and told him to get better. However, after leaving him alone for the weekend, I texted him and asked him how he was. He hasn't replied at all yet. He hasn't even read the message so I'm worried.

How do I communicate that while he doesn't have to text me every day, I would still like him to communicate with me when he's too busy or can't chat.

We haven't been dating long, so is there a good way to say this without seeming needy? I still want to put some effort into this. We both discussed wanting something long term so I guess my expectations are different compared to when I was dating casually.
How to date someone who doesn't text?
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