What does it mean when a girl you been talking to for a while stops texting and calling you like before?

we have talked before but then she ran back to her ex. then out of nowhere she comes back and said she wants to talk to me again and said that she told her ex she Doesn't want to be with him anymore so he knows were involved. we were cool for a min but out of nowhere she stops texting and calling me like before saying that I'm on her case about everything. I don't get it. is she getting back with her ex again or wth is going on I'm lost.


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  • Yes she is getting back with him and it is obvious that she is using you as a rebound when things go wrong with that but her heart is with her ex. You need to stop lettin her come back whenever she wants. you know she is still talking to him and using you as a conveniency so put an end to all that. Be serious and tell her she needs to close that chapter for good if she wants to come back. She needs to show you more than words, hon.

    • thats what I'm saying but when I tell her she says, I'm only here for you I want to pursue you. but then that funny acting starts to come back around and I figured she's running back to him and when I try to talk to her about it she doesn't text back or call.

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    • too late I already did. hahah f*** her

    • yeah. Stay discipline too while stayin away.

  • Well... are you on her case about everything?

    • sh*t I don't think so, I text her she doesn't text back and I called her and asked her why she said get off her case. but its just the fact that she started acting funny out of nowhere its not like I question her everyday about everything.

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    • ok thanks.

    • Yes move on. Your torturing yourself with this. Just end it

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