What pictures should I put up?

Opinion of what?

Well, after coming out of a long term relationship about 18 months ago, I've lived the single life to the full and had a lot of one night stands, but I'm sick of being single now, I really want to meet a nice girl I can have a proper relationship with.

The types of girls I normally end up with at the end of the night aren't exactly relationship material, so I've just signed up to Plenty Of Fish to see who else is out there. Problem is, I've not got a clue what pictures to put up, think you could help me out? :)

There's some here: photoshack.weebly.com/turkey-2010.html

And here: photoshack.weebly.com/random-0910.html

Thanks a lot xx


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  • I like the billiards one, and the one where you're giving thumbs up to the belly dancer.


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