The guy I'm talking to won't stop boasting?

I am supposed to be going out with this guy on Friday night. We have not met yet, and he is already driving me crazy. Everything he says about himself is so boastful, like he's trying to make himself sound perfect. It has really turned me off. I'm not interested in spending time with someone that tells me their best and most well known trait is their kindness and caringness or that literally says "I'm talented" and then sends me the links to YouTube videos to prove it. I want to spend time with people who show me that they are kind and who let me make my own opinions about their talents. At this point, I don't know if I even want to go out with him. Is it unreasonable to cancel over the way he's acting or do I need to suffer through a first date before I decide not to let it go on any further?
The guy I'm talking to won't stop boasting?
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