Finally hooked up with a girl I've wanted for ages but didn't get her number - how do I take the next step?

Your help would be awesome, people!

I spotted this girl in my class last year -couldn't stop looking at her. By an amazing stroke of luck I'm in her class again this year. Last Friday I happened to sit next to her in a lecture and I noticed she kept glancing over at me - understandably I was getting pretty clear signs she was checking me out.

Then on Saturday night we were at a party and both of us had had a fair bit to drink. I didn't get a chance to talk to her much but the whole night she was dancing with me - I didn't have to try very hard before she was up against me. We kissed once or twice that night and went our separate ways when the party finished - I was pretty happy with the result!

Anyway... I haven't really spoken to her since. Saw her before class today with her friend who I also met on Saturday night. Said hey to them but she seemed kind of shy - I was sorta talking more with her friend. Ended up sitting next to them and got a few more glances from this girl (her friend was in between us)

I'm a bit confused - want to take this further and get to know her but its hard to get anything started. Thought about adding her or messaging her on facebook but don't want to appear like a stalker. How do I get this girl's number?! I have 12 hours of class with her a week but there's not really any time/opportunity to talk to her and I can't always sit next to her obviously.

Would love to know this girl better, can't stop thinking about her!

Thanks in advance for your help! :-)


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  • Maybe slip her a note asking for a date after class?

    • Kinda hard since my class is a Uni lecture with 250 people. Any other ideas? Is a facebook message creepy?

    • I think she'd appreciate it more in person, but a Facebook message is not creepy, as she already knows you. I thought she sat near you?

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