Are you sure it's the girl who is the problem or maybe it's just you?

Ever complain that girls never initiate dates? Ever think that it's maybe because they don't want to date you and has nothing to do with them?

If you sit there and complain so much about girls never initiating a date, why don't you get up from your lazy ass and do it yourself?

This question is for the guys.

It seems to me like you guys are hanging around the wrong type of girls.
And think every girl is like that from a small group you happened to come across.


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  • When I complain, it's because I've done the work and she acted like Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile whose job it is only to lay back and be served by her lowly pathetic sycophants. Women only get that way when you show in advance that you're willing to do the work. That's the fallacy of your question - if a guy "gets off his lazy ass" she takes him for granted or just plain old finds him "boring".

    So basically, shove it up your vajazzle.

    • Women are attracted to men who take initiative, and guys who treat them well. Two things you seem to be lacking.

    • LOL - I do very well for myself thanks very much. However, when I first started dating when I was 18, I acted exactly like you suggested up there and I was treated like crap.

      So let's see: a woman has no idea what she's talking about, yet keeps talking. How unusual!

    • I'd agree with the fact that guys who take initiatives and treat women well are treated like crap, it took me so much time to realize that, and as soon as I changed, everything suddenly got better!

  • Here's a clue, sister.

    It's easy for someone who never has to face rejection to sit back and pass judgement on people who do.

    While I may not personally blame chicks for your described behavior, I have sympathy for those who find dealing with rejection difficult. It can be maddeningly frustrating.

    The reality is that you or any girl would have a hard time relating to any dude in this situation, so watching you judge anyone in this manner is hilarious.

    • Just so you know, guys aren't the only ones who deal with rejection. I don't know where you got that from.

    • obviously you haven't. why else would you take such a condescending tone on the subject?

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