How bad is it?

if I have been going out with this girl for 3 week's and have not kissed her how bad is it. and what are the key signs other then her looking at my eyes and lips that's she wants me to kiss her or I mean when she wants me to cause I know she does :P

k I kissed her :) and now I feel great :)


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  • No it's not bad. Everyone's different and age is definitely a factor. Seeing that you are under 18 it definitely isn't an issue. Kiss when you want to kiss otherwise it won't be enjoyable!

  • it nt bad 4 ya'll nt 2 kiss yet , I mean I know you ain't me but me and my boyfriend 4 11 months just had our 1st kiss like on the 5th month. because I wanted things 2 go really slow. maybe she jus dnt want 2 rush it and bout that other question I think that's the only way you can know unless she talk 2 you bout it


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