She keeps telling me she is busy but wants to hang out?

Basically I've met a really cool girl at work and we have been talking for about a week.I've been trying to get know her on a better level and I've asked her if she wants to hang out to talk it up.She keeps telling me that she is interested in getting to know me but that she is busy with work and all kinds of stuff.When I talk to her we have great conversations but we only talk at work.Should I still try to get her to hang out with me or just stop talking to her?


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  • I know that I'd be alittle timid about dating someone I work with, so I think she is trying to see if you're just interested in sex or more. Someone who is genuine and serious would not get discouraged, they'd recoge that she is just being a lady. Her message is clear, she isn't interested in complicated things at work unless you're for real, so prove yourself.


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