Most impressive way to act on a first date?

as the title suggests, I have a date tomorrow with a fairly hot girl, going for one drink and then maybe bowling or ice skating, and she suggested in, she said I will be in the pub at half 12, and its upto you if you go there for that time, and then go ice skating or bowling... how do I act? I'm not a nervous person or anything, and don't get shy round woman...just asking people with more experience. :)


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  • nice ideas ;) it's always nice to see a guy who took the time to think of a proper date :)

    Just go do one one thosr things you have just thought of. And believe me... being funny and spontanious are a BIG PLUS +++++++ no kidding !

    I wasn't that into a guy who I just found really funny and because he asked so sweet I said yes to a date with him. And now I'm absolutely in love with him.


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