Lied about my age?

So to start off, I'm 17 years old ( a junior in hs ).

I went on a dumb online dating app because I was bored and wanted to have fun, but then I actually met someone on there who turned out to be super sweet and we really hit it off and quickly exchanged contact info and everything.

I put my age as 18, but as I've stated before, that's not my age. The boy ( I'll call him C ) is 19 years old and assumes I'm a senior.

I thought about fessing up and telling him about my age, but then we had a phone call and eventually he brought up the topic of age. He went on a rant about how childish and disturbing it was to lie about age. He's very playful, so he was teasing me about how I 'better be 18' and I panicked and said that I was indeed 18 and that I wouldn't lie to him.

Well, now I feel so guilty. We get along really well and I really like him, but I'm too scared to tell him about my real age, since not only am I underage, I lied right to his face. Anyone got any advice?
8 mo
So in the end I fessed up and of course he was disappointed that I lied, but he forgave me and said that it was fine that I was a year younger than him so 🥳🥳
Lied about my age?
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