Should I go after my ex's friend?

So me and this girl dated for 3 months and it didn't end well, she cheated on me and I blew up in anger. One of her friends that we would hang out with is in a class with me this term and we seem to really enjoy each others company. She laughs at my jokes, sometimes very loudly, asked me to walk with her to get a pencil the other day and asked me if I wanted to have a cigarette with her in her car. I'm not sure if those were really signs, I can read her as kind of shy and introverted. I'm not at all like the guys she usually dates but I can see myself liking her a lot and I'd like to ask her out I'm just really afraid of the whole situation with my ex and that she might know things about me I'd prefer she not know and that it'd never work because of that and the animosity between me and my ex.


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  • She would be perfect for a rebound fling. So many birds with one stone...