Guys, if you got this text what would you think?

I'm trying to see if I'm actually getting my point across. He just texted me that he was on his way out of town for the week.

"So... I think you should get me a stuffed animal. That way I have something to throw against the wall when I'm pissed at you for blowing me off for two days and leaving without warning. And to hug because I have had a really bad couple day and that is all I need. The point of all that: could you please try to inform me of your plans prior to implementing them. I was really hoping to see you tonight and you didn't tell me you were leaving."


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  • ?

    Did you actually call him to make plans for that night?

    Is he your official boyfriend, or anything?

    I dunno, it's just that if a guy sent me that kinda text I'd be really pissed. I'd think he's being controlling.

    • I think that's the text she sent him?

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    • Yes we had plans. And he is "offically" my boyfriend of 7 months.

      And no I haven't sent this text yet. Figured I should cool off a little first.

    • In that case, send away!

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  • i guess you could send him the text but you could tell him your mad in fewer words


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  • Sounds okay to me.

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