Guy I have been seeing has a female bestfriend?

There’s this guy I really like and we text all the time. We met online and have been chatting since a month. He gives me attention and we have become really close in a month BUT after going through his profile I noticed he is really close to a girl he has been ‘bestfriends’ with since 6 years or something. He told me he broke up with his ex 4 months ago (his bestfriend is not his ex, I think, coz they’re still in touch and happy). I don’t know this guy enough to ask about his bestfriend but I feel I should start distancing myself or else I’ll get hurt. His bestfriend is attractive. Should I confront in on how I feel? He hasn’t spoken about his bestfriend (maybe just mentioned her name once) but I still find it a reg flag. Should I let it go and trust him? Or listen to my gut and keep a bit of distance? Or ask him directly?
Guy I have been seeing has a female bestfriend?
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