Texting and Facebook. This one is for you Ladies!

I tend to attract a lot of the go-getter women who try hard for my attention (mostly cause I have mostly been shy and immature throughout my teenage years).

I have noticed a trend where I will be given a message via text or facebook by a lady friend who is obviously trying to spark some friendly conversation. Not wanting to ignore anyone I usually answer back within 12 hours (due to my work hours - I coach a sport team).

What really boggles me is when I ask a question of them, it is like they disappear. No return message is sent, no nothing. Why bother reaching out to me with a blatant flirt attempt and then this retreat when I try to tag back?


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  • well what do youu ask? maybe its something youu said? or maybe what yourr asking isn't flirting to them & they think youve shot em down

  • so waht you do

    • I ignore them. Girls that are shy face to face I can understand. Shy online or through texting is just plain weird. I end up ignoring them. : /

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