Should I ask her out again?

I rlly rlly like this girl in my class. She has two best friends in the class but she seems to want to talk to me a lot. She sometimes talks about me with her friends and giggles when she does. She flirts with me sometimes too and I rlly think she likes me. I got her number and decided to ask her to the homecoming dance and she said that she is rlly srry but she doesn't want to go with anyone this year and she doesn't rlly want to date this year. She said she would have accepted my offer if she was though. She said she still wants to hang out sometime. Should I hang out with her so she gets to know me better and possibly change her mind or should I just accept what she said and move on? Does she rlly like me but maybe has had a bad experience in the past? How can I show her that I'm not like the stereotypical guy without acting like I still like her? Will she pick up on my difference from other guys if I hang out with her enough. I asked a similar question but I only received answers that said that your only 16 and there are a lot of fish in the sea and to just move on. I know that's true but I think I like this girl too much to just move on and I think she is interested in me too and I don't know why she rejected me. Should I start asking her if she wants to hang out or something? What should I do? Plz help, I'm totally lost!

How many days later should I ask her to hang out from when I asked her to homecoming? I asked her out wednesday and I'm on a four day weekend. Should I ask her if she wants to hang out Sunday or is that too early?


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  • how old is she?

    maybe she wants to see if your willing to spend the time on her

    you could get to know her more

    talk to her hang with her and she will know you like her but that doesn't matter she will probly just be more flattered

    maybe she doesn't want to get hurt

    maybe she would already be hurt if you walked away now.

    but to make sure she doesn't get hurt even more she wants to test your character

    you say she means a lot to you

    i say give it a shot and play her game get to know her hang with her as just friends and when the time feels right. kiss her! DONT RUSH IT

    have you seen the movie hitch? lean in what 80% and the girl comes the other 20? somethin like that.


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