He stopped texting me?

okay we usually text allllll the time but I Haven't heard from him since saturday...we see each other at school and I can see him look at me every chance he can get trying not to let me notice...we both like each other and we both know that and were even supposed to go on a date pretty soon..so why won't he reply to me? at school everything seems fine but now he won't text? what gives?


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  • 2 thing...

    1st.. are you sure he can text or you can?

    I had a problem once on my phone where it only texted a select few people.. I didn't notice for a while I asumed some of my friends hated me and stoped replying to me.. Then on facebook one of my friends I had tried to text was in chat... She said she never got my texts so I called another friend and found out the same.. Bur one of my friends always got my texts and responded so it seemed like I was being ignored by others..

    2nd I went a whole week without texting a girl just to see how she'd react.. So he may be trying to see if you can handle things without him texting..

    For both issues I stated there's one thing to do.. Talk to I'm face to face...

    If you need a reason say "oh, hey did you get my text last night"

    Tell him your worried your phone is broken.. If he's seeing if you can last without him he'll stop.. If the phone is broken then he'll tell you..

    • hey I'm having the same problem... can I ask you why you waited a week without texting the girl? and when you said "if he's seeing if you can last without him he'll stop"- do you mean he will stop pursuing her or stop neglecting to text her?

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    • If you like him.. And if he likes you text him... If your not sure if he likes you.. But want him to.. T

      Give him a day then text him.. You'll need to show him you want him to text you.. Give him most of a day and text him at like 11pm a few times in a row.. Then nothing for one day then do it again for a few days..

      Youll need a reason to text though remember that

      ... And if he texts you during the day then don't text him at night.. It will show him you want him to text you first..

    • Oh OK thank you so much!

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  • He's a guy, lol. And they are confusing. All I can really say is to ask him what's up. Ask if there is something wrong, if there is a reason he has stopped texting you. Hopefully you will get straight answers.

    • haha yeah if I can get him to reply! thanks so much I'm gonna try that :)

    • Girl ask him in person. No reason wasting texts that he may not reply to.

    • i don't know how to ask him without sounding desperate or clingy or whatever but yea I've decided tomorrow I'm gonna ask him.. thanks so much for the advice :)

  • maybe he's busy. I've dealt with this kind of thing before and trust me don't text him more than twice in one day or he will think your clingy. Let the guy have some fun on the weekend without being attached at the hip to his gf.