How do I become friends with an ex who hates me?

We broke up about a month and a half ago. But we were still on speaking terms. Because we have a baby on the way. Due in April. We talked about basic things, and also parenting styles.

He was also giving me money for my doctor appts, (for the baby) and for the baby (like the crib, diapers, etc).

I saw him last week, and we started arguing. And then the last argument got ugly. To the point where I told him this other guy we used to work with is better than him (I. e more attractive/bigger dick). I was really upset. I don’t want to blame it on my pregnancy, but my hormones are crazy in my 3rd trimester.
Then he started doing the same. Saying other girls were better than me.

He hates me right now. It’s been a week since then and he is still name calling me and blocked my number, and social media.

He doesn’t want to coparent. He wants to just have our baby for himself. And I disagree obviously. I want to coparent. But it’s not gonna happen with him hating me. I don’t think apologizing will be enough so how can I fix this?
How do I become friends with an ex who hates me?
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