I‘m 18 years old and a virgin?

So my question is probably stupid (I already know) but I‘m 18, a girl and a virgin. I’ve never kissed, dated or had sex with a guy before. I could’ve kissed some guys (a few have approached me) before but they were definitely not my type so I either rejected them or just ignored them... or sometimes when a guy approaches me and I like him I am super shy. I always tend to have interest to the guys who don’t even notice me. I don’t really have a problem being single / virgin, but sometimes I’d like to know how it is to kiss a guy, make out with him etc. I just have sexual desires that overwhelm me sometimes. I could’ve definitely had my first kiss by now and I’ve had the chance to hook up with guys, but I always mess up somehow !!! Do you guys have any serious advice, I want all of this to bother me les
I‘m 18 years old and a virgin?
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