Guys what are you views on texting/calling your girlfriend?

Me personally, I feel that if I'm in a relationship with you, then we need to have some type of communication everyday, or at least every other day. Even if that communication is just a "hey, have a great day"

My boyfriend will go days...maybe even up to a week an a half without calling/texting me (he does work full time, on a job that requires traveling, so we are Long distance currently) . Its usually me texting him, annd I do that because I feel that if I don't text him then we probably won't talk. Is that normal? I don't understand how a guy can claim to like someone, but not want to talk to them.

Am I overreacting to this? From a guys point of view how can I change this (or should I make an issue out of this) without pissing him off or seeming needy?


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  • Hello,

    Personally I enjoy my space so going a few days without contact for me isn't a problem, that doesn't mean I don't love my girlfreind becouse I do.. I just think time apart from each other is healthy.. being together all the time or talking all the time has a tendancy to get couples stuck in a rut.. time apart helps to keep the time you are together fresh..

    but that's just me


  • i agree yu should speak to your boyfriend/girlfriend at least once a day. even if its a quick hi and bye. I mean, its not like you don't think abt them during the day and theyre prob thinking of you too. when the calls stop the relatonship begins to chnge


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