Jewish guys and dating?

how would you say your religion affects your dating life? For example, do you only date jewish girls? Do you wait to have sex etc etc. Really it could be any religion, but I know there's a whole culture/lifestyle with Judaism that other don't have.

I'm trying to figure out how to find out if the guy I like (jewish) dates outside his religion. Ideas?

Thanks for all your answers guys!


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  • idk but jewish guys tend to be hot here. okay not all of them obviously, but a lot. the jews I like are really more liberal and less by-the-book Jewish. I'm not really into the hasidic, orthodox, etc. branches of judaism. I'm an atheist so that's just a bit much for me. lol

    different jews are different. some take it very seriously and others are like, its not really a faith thing for them, but they view it as their ethnicity, their culture. some don't really care about it at all and try to distance themselves from it as much as possible.

    my last boyfriend was jewish. he was amazing in bed, and so so cute. his mother hated me. that's the thing I notice about some jewish parents/families is that part of what they believe in is marrying a jew, and I guess dating as well is what some of their families wish they would take just as seriously. this can also be a racial thing (and is in my experience, I'm black) but they don't ever really admit to that.

    theres a super cute jewish guy in my class who keeps staring at me. his judaism definitely doesn't affect his lifestyle. he's pretty much an alcoholic hipster. and he's hot. id tap that. lol

    thats all I know. :)

    why, do you have a jew in mind or are you just curious?

    • I do have one in mind ;) But I am black too so there's always that feeling that he's never going to date me just because of my race.

    • really, you are? ha ha my best friend is black too and she's always into jews. this must be a trend or something lol

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  • The biggest conflict was when I was dating this devout Catholic girl. During the entire date, she was talking about how, because of her religion, she didn't believe in sex until marriage. I told her that I understood, and that even though sex was important, I respected her religious beliefs.

    Then the check came. It was $188. So I told her, that I don't believe in paying until marriage. She flipped out. She started screaming. She thought I was mocking her. I told her that it was part of my religion. She started insulting me, saying that no religion believes that. Then I told her I was Jewish.

    She ended up paying, and never called me back. Well, hey, at least I didn't get stuck with $188 bill.

  • I have met a few Jewish men that date in different ways. Younger Jewish men that are serious about their family and religion, will date a girl even out side of their own religion. BUT they will never propose unless the girl converts to Judaism. Its a sin to marry outside of the Jewish religion, same goes in Islam, its forbidden.

    I have another Jewish friend that doesn't hold his religious values up and he just sleeps around.

    just as it goes with any person you just have to find out how serious he is about his religion.

  • Who loves money?


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  • For some reason I've only dated Christians. I think I'm attracted to those like me and I find it extremely attractive when a man believes in a God.

    • The Jewish also believe in God.

    • Yes, but do the Jewish marry those not of their faith?

  • what / who/ is a jewish person? how is a jewish person, jewish- by what means?

  • they will flirt and date anyone but they marry only jewish. their families will never accept a nonjew.

    i used to love one for years but he couldn't marry me so he dumped me...

    they are cheap too at least from my experiences sometimes stereotypes are true to an extent...

  • the Jewish guys I know will date anyone, but they will only marry a Jewish girl. so series relationships are only with jewish girls