What do girls like- to go for date or dinner?

Now a days dating is quite common. but there are some girls who don't go for date but for diner...may be useful for them


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  • date as in canoe, and then walk in the park ?

    or date as in movie and then walk in the mall?

    I've done both

    and I've also done dinner and then a movie etc.

    well either way, whatever she is in the mood for just take her there, every girl is a bit different. good luck

    • tq...where can we go 4 date?

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    • huh? I mean if you both know each other pretty well, that's what I'd do. I mean I had the guy over for some food, then we walked around and talked and that's how you get to know one another.

    • tq...

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  • my girlfriend loves spaghetti or chinese

    • each is each type ya...!

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