Do I stay with him or just break up now?

I recently started dating a guy that he is very sweet and caring, but I can't stand trying to talk to him, I'm pretty sure it's just a short term memory thing, but we can't even get through 10 minutes of conversation without me having to repeat myself and reword things trying to break things down for him to understand what I'm saying and for him to remember what I just said literally within just a few minutes and it's getting so frustrating. At times I'm not sure if it's just a bad memory problem or if he's actually even listening, I've even thought that maybe he's not mentally all there and I feel bad feeling that way but just blows my mind how some the most simple things I tell him he can't remember or understand what I said. And when he went to the store for me I wrote a list of what I wanted even included the brand names and flavors and he didn't get half the stuff right even though I wrote the actual brand names. And every day I see him he ask in some form of how do I feel about him, where do I see us, or what are we, and when I brought it up how many times he's asked me he got defensive that no he hasn't asked that question, but I told him just because it's not the exact same words each time it's still the same question, so he just shut down. I don't do well with insecurity, i can't keep trying to reassure him that I think he's a great guy and would like to be with him, I just feel like all these signs are going down a road I'm not going to be happy in but I hate to break his heart because in just 3 weeks of dating he's already saying how he's falling for me so I don't know what to do. Stay with him just because he's nice but me be unhappy and frustrated all the time and see if things get better or just tell him this isn't going to work for me?
Do I stay with him or just break up now?
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